Monday, January 4, 2010

After the Holidays

Hi everyone,
I have all the decorations taken down and put away. Now the house looks bear. I need to put everything back and decorate. I have been busy making soup. I came across the Mennonite girls can cook blog and tonight I made their mushroom leek soup. It smells so yummy! I love to make soup in the winter and it is such an easy dinner, just add sides or a sandwich or salad. I spend an afternoon making several kinds and I freeze mine.
I see all this talk on tv about what the new year will bring. I am trying to get back into going to the gym regularly and watch what I eat. I go to the channel 4 health fair in DC each January and I want my weight and cholesterol number to be good.
I have read in several articles on line that any treats, cookies etc. that are left should leave the house. Take them into work, freeze them or through them out.
No need to have them around if you are trying to stay away from sweets.
I hava all my sewing projects lined up so tomorrow is the big day to work on them.
We are still all frozen and having very cold temps here in Virginia.
I usually do my bloging in the morning, but hear I am in the everning as I wait for the soup to cool, so have a great relaxing evening.



  1. Wow it is snowy where you are, I have just a little hanging around. The temps are low here tonight and I just can't get warm. You have alovely farm house. Enjoyed looking at your snow pictures.
    I found the Mennonite girls can cook also and they sure can.
    Stay warm

  2. Hey Jackie
    I thought about doing the DC Flea last weekend,January is always the best.I may try and set up in March.
    I am on a waiting list for an antique mall in PA. And I am trying to find somewhere in VA also but closer to Loudoun County since I am in Hillsboro now.Thanks for keeping in touch.Say Hi to Jeannie.Hope all is well with you.Michelle