Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whatcha working on Wednesday

Hi blog friends,
I have been cooking. I found Martha Stewart's' everyday baking mix on Faithfulness Farm. She also had oat blondies posted. I think I will try them this weekend.
I had a mouse in my kitchen and one thing leads to another. I decided to clean out the cabinet where I keep all my baking things. Now I am sorting out all the things I don't use and the ones that are old, rusty, stained and need to be replaced.
So now I am all excited about redoing my baking supplies. I stopped by Bed and Bath this morning (I had the day off) and looked over all their kitchen items.
I had been looking for a food processor.I, for some reason can not decide what kind to buy. I don't want anything too big. I think I will go check out Walmart and Target this weekend.
We are having more freezing rain. It started around 5 o clock this afternoon.
I wonder what the morning will bring.
Have a nice evening,


  1. A mouse. Yikes! Hope you have been able to find it a new home somewhere else!

  2. Oh, it really seems like a great idea to clean out the old baking supplies and buy new! I always find myself in that department, looking at all the pretty new things, but I tell myself "You already have cookie sheets, pans, etc.". But it would be so nice if I could start over with all new things!

  3. Hi Jackie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I read this post and saw you wondering about food processors, and I gotta say, I highly recommend the KitchenAid variety. They have some that are large and some that are smaller, but it has to be the most durable I've ever used. So there's a little opinion from me. :)

    My empathy about the mouse. We get 'em too from time to time. Eek!


  4. I think Mr. Mouse was coming into your house for warmth and comfort. I bet he knew it was going to be a tough winter. I don't have a food processor. Whenever I want something new and I'm not sure which brand to use I find Consumer Reports magazine very helpful. Good luck finding the right one. :o)

  5. Hi, just found your blog, You have a beautiful home. I to just got read of a mouse in my kitchen so now it is cleaning time. WE have about 6 inches of snow here in Ky. and it is cooooold! Have agood week and I will list you on my follower list. HAPPY SEWING!

  6. Welcome to blogland! Oh yes....very cold icy roads...schools closed tomorrow already!

  7. I too am new to blogging so I hope you will visit my site sometime. Your home is lovely -- just love all the white snow. Living near Houston, TX we hardly ever get to see the white stuff. Visit me at Thanks, Linda

  8. I'm so glad to have found your blog. We lived in Culpeper for six years in the 90's and enjoyed the area so much. I went to Warrenton on several occasions. I see that you have a lot of snow this Winter, we remember several while we were in Virginia, one stands out in my mind was on March llth, quite a dig out! We loved the area. Home now for 15 years, I'm a quilter, oil painter, cooking enthusiast,and general all around homebody. In our 70's now,we are still feathering our nest! Keep up the good blogging.

  9. Hi Jackie! I just discovered your blog and it was such a nice place to visit. I love your country style. I hope your weather is better today. Twyla