Saturday, January 2, 2010

The start of the a new year

Its Saturday evening and we just finished a nice dinner and gift exchange with DD and SIL. Its taken us this long to get together for our Christmas visit. Now the tree and decorations can be put away for another year. I am excited about getting the house cleaned and decorated. I will probably change a few things around and I usually leave my candles in my windows for a few more weeks. It looks so pretty at night.
I have some sewing projects that I want to work on and finish up some knitting. I am still working on my sons sweater. I find that I need to turn the computer off in the evening or I will waste time on it. I find that I am on the computer in the evening durning the tv time that I usually knit and do hand work.
My camara is not working very well.. Some of the pictures I posted were very blurred.
I think there is something with the automatic focus. I stopped using it for now and I guess I will have to replace it.
Thats all I have..

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