Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Good Morning,

Or is it afternoon already. What a busy morning with all the children, some older and wanting to go outside and some younger. It is nice the big kids watch out for the little ones. What great help! I have to enjoy it this week, because next week they will be in school. The bus stop is at the foot of the driveway and we need to be out there about 8:25. Not too early for them to start school and our day kids arrive here by 9:00.

I added a picture of one of my Victorian samplers. They are so expensive in the antique stores, but this one I can tell is new and I found it on eBay. I purchased it after my children grew up and moved out of the house. This was my Mothers Day present to myself. The saying is "A good mother makes a happy home" I love it! It is said that durning the 1800's women would have bible verses or sentiments in the home for the family to read. I guess it would be like today's affirmations. What do I say when I talk to myself.

A friend and I have been collecting the samplers and they are very hard to find. I understand that the type of embroidery is called Berlin work.

The sky is dark now and I the rain and thunderstorms are coming.

Have a great day!


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