Friday, August 28, 2009

Is it really Friday?

Good Morning,

The week went by very fast for me, but not for my school children. Some tears in the morning as we waited for the school bus. By today, they wanted to stay here with me.

I am working on my blog and still trying to figure this all out. I am sizing my pictures with my daughters help. She suggested that I size the pics on the computer first. Then remove my pics on by blog and add the correct size back on. I am going to work on this over the weekend.
I am excited to finally get this all done, as so many of you have such great layouts and pics of crafts, family and outings.

Yesterday we ordered the flowers for the wedding. Ellen is going to have rain forest roses and a mix or other flowers in greens, peach and orange. We also talked to the baker about the cake and need to meet with him next week. I think then, its time to sit back and relax with everything done. Maybe a few last minute details but most everything is done. We did purchase a few things online, but for the most part managed to find most everything else in out little town. I try to support our local businesses. We have the bridal shop in the shopping center and the Italian baker is it another shopping center just ten minutes down the road.

Have a great weekend,


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