Wednesday, September 2, 2009

School Bus

Good Morning,

We are still trying to figure out what time the bus arrives in the morning. We have had a change in the weather and went from 92 to the 70's for our daytime high. The mornings are so cool that we are all freezing at the bus stop in the morning. I walk down with the children and its nice because I now have a change to see some of my nieghbors. Not too many and we have a big meadow across the road.

Whatch ya working on Wednesday.

I decided that I better plan out my knitting projects if they are going to be ready for Christmas gift. Sweaters, socks, scarfs and leg warmers. I did't want to think about any of this until after the wedding but now that so much is done I am more relaxed and ready to think about all my everyday things. LOL Funny how getting things done can relax us.

Have a wonderful day!


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