Sunday, February 8, 2009

A trip to the Big Flea

This weekend we made a trip to the flea market in Fredricksburg. Its about 45 minutes from here. There were some great finds. I came home with a wood and wire drying rack for herbs, a

small cheese box with a Pa Dutch design (hex sign) hand painted on it, several wood spools and I decided to put my own wool yarn on them. They had them with many different colors of yarn, but the empty ones cost less. LOL I also bought a wooden cutting board. Its like a medium size noodle board and a prim wood utensil box that I put on my kitchen table and filled it with the spools and some victorian valentines and prim hearts.

Dan is into collection bottles and he came home with several, so he was all happy about that.

My DD is getting married in the fall, so today we attended a bridal show here in town. Lots of vendors and ideas. All very exciting! This is the first wedding in our family. One more to go.

Its too late to take pics so I guess I will do that tomorrow and post them.

All for now,


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  1. Hi, I found your blog today in Leslie's blog. What a surprise, when I read that you was in Fredericksburg on Feb.(I live here). Also, I was in Warrenton on May, searching antique stores. What a coincidence!!!Bye and see you soon.