Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Pictures from Virginia

Hi Friends, We have had about 20+ inches for snow this weekend. It is beautiful but also reminds me of when we lived in Vermont and it snowed almost everyday.
I was home all day Saturday and managed to get lots done. I was busy baking, wraping and doing last minute Christmas things. Thank goodness my shopping is all done. I follow flylady for organizing my home and we get ready for Christmas early.
One of the guys from Dans' work picked him up on Saturday morning and he arrived back home with the work truck and snow plow. He managed to make a path up our long driveway. He had the truck all weekend as he was on call this weekend and lives so close to work. He works at the funeral home and its about five minutes from home. He spent the weekend plowing the parking lot and getting things ready for Monday morning.
I have all my grocery shopping done for Christmas dinner. I want to start cooking early in the week so I don't have much to do last minute.
Our schools are closed. Friday was the last day and we are on winter break. I usually am closed for winter break, but not this year as we switched our second week of vacation the week of the wedding. This week we are only open tomorrow and Tuesday. One of the parents just called and let me,
Thats all I have for today, so I hope you enjoy the snow pictures.



  1. Jackie-

    Wow, 20"! Beautiful snow pictures.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  2. You had snow the weekend before -- we had snow for Christmas! It is still white on the prairie -- unusual for us!