Saturday, November 28, 2009


Its been awhile since I posted anything. I guess not since my last fall trip through the mountains and over to Amish country. I do read (follow) a number of your posts each week, but I get hung up on taking the pictures and I love looking at all of your pictures. I am finally getting all of this, I figured out how to change my backround without DD helping me. It all comes in time.We had a really nice day with Turkey and all the trimmings. My son came for the day, he is the single guy. It was the three of us as the newlyweds wanted to have their own dinner as a married couple.
Dan was still finishing up all the leaves in the yard. We mostly stayed home and I finished up my Whatcha working on Wednesday project. Ii is a star project that I found in a old Fons/Porter magazine from July/Aug 2007 on page 68 if you happen to have a copy of the magazine. I did a demo for my quilt guild at our last meeting. I decided to make mind into a prim wall hanging. I am determined to NOT buy anymore fabric for awhile. I have so much in my sewing room. I have my Mothers things as well.
The article only told how to draw the star and I guess you could do this wall hanging with any star pattern. I did the whole thing by hand and found that I miss hand piecing and quilting.
The machine is nice but this is nice to work on watching a movie with the family. It went really quick and I know if I used the machine, I probably would have ripped out a thing or two and it would have taken longer.
I have add some pics of it, along with our holiday and some projects from the past .

Have A Great Weekend


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