Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back from Florida

Hi Everyone,

I am back from my road trip to visit my DD in Florida. We had a great time. My drive down went real well. I did it stright through. I left in the morning around 6 am and arrived around 10:30/11:00.

I stayed in a little cottage at the RV Park. It was real nice and about 10 minutes from
my DD. We made use of the pool in the morning and then went on with our day.
I love the weather there, every day was sunny and nice.

We did lots of shopping to get ready for baby and worked around the house, changing
things up. They have the crib set up and did a baby bump photo shot. I thing I have some nice pictures coming.  Pretty!!


  1. OO they little owl set is adorable. Best wishes to you and your daughter. (^_^)