Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pictures are a coming!

Well, I just found a bargain at Staples. They had a Kodak camera on their sale table and now its mine. It was reduced to almost half price and is a much better camera with higher speed and better zoom then what I have been using. I am soooo excited to start taking pictures again.
My knitting shop here in town has a sit and knit on Tuesday mornings and I have been joining them. Some of us have joined a dishcloth group in the shop. The instructions are posted on Yahoo a few rows at a time. Its fun trying to figure out what design it will turn out to be.
Watch for some pics and I will be back soon.



  1. LET the picture roll! Have a graet day!

  2. What a great blog....glad I popped in! I've been having camera issues and need a new I'm gonna high-tail it to Staples and see if they have any bargains! I've never thought to go there for a camera deal. Wish me luck! Happy Spring from Houston, TX!