Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good Morning,

We are getting more snow today and heavy winds according to the weather report.
I am going to Florida in a couple of weeks!
Our quilt meeting never meet last month so I suggested that several of us meet at Borders today and bring something to work on. I have been busy knitting and several of your members are knitting as well.
Several postings ago, I mentioned that I was shopping for a food precessor and I finally bought one. Several of you gave me some imput and that really helped. Amy from A Day In 1862 suggested a KitchenAid and that is what I had been looking at since I am a fan of KitchenAid and have their mixer and blender. I decided on a kitchenAid medium size. I love it! I made my french onion soup and sliced all the onions with it. I also made my artichoke spread, but it was blended to much, so next time I will make it my usual way. I just need to try different things with it and see what we like best. Its not too big and heavy, so I can keep it tucked away and take it out whenever I need it.
I am off to start my day. The sun has come out. Yaaaaaa!
See you later,


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  1. Hi Ive come across your Blog thru another blog! My Father had a farm in Lovingston, I really miss that place! But hes gone now and Moms in Charlottesville now. I used to love to go to the farmers market in Waynesboro and see the Amish and the shoppes! I was doing a bug bottle quilt a few yrs ago and need to have it quilted...years ago everyone did their own, but I'm having this sent out! Come visit my blog!
    Janet in TX